Transition 101: High School to College – An Overview

Exciting news! On Wednesday July 20, 2011 at 9pm EST, I have been invited to present a webinar for the Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA).

So many elements have changed dramatically in the college application process. Things are very different today than they were just four or five years ago, not to mention back when the parents of today’s college applicants headed off to campus. Often, because the process and the environments have changed, parents are unaware of what can and must be done in order to ensure their child a successful college placement.

Entitled Transition 101: High School to College – An Overview, my workshop will provide an overview to inform parents of what needs to be done – from their child’s freshman year of high school until his or her first day of college. The goal is to provide clarity by breaking the process down into manageable steps that will make life easier for both parents and students.

Published by Meg Leahy, MS, NCC, BCC

An award-winning educator, author, and counselor with certifications in life, leadership, and career coaching, Meg believes in providing the skills, understanding, and resources to help people change their lives. Named a "Woman of Note" by the New York Times, and Best of Philly by Philadelphia Magazine, she also writes about ADHD, mental health and wellness, is the co-author of peer-reviewed textbooks on ADHD, and is the ¡Live Mas! In-House Life Coach at Taco Bell Quarterly.

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