What do you need to thrive? To really “win” at life?

So many people say they would like to be happy, successful, wealthy, [insert your biggest over-arching goal here]. 

But what does that look like? And what do you need to do to get there?


The services I provide have helped clients: change careers ● improve organization & time management ● apply to colleges with as little stress as possible ● prep for high school entrance exams, the SAT, & the ACT ● find the best college & excel once there ● understand & strengthen executive functioning ● improve interview skills ● create a killer resume, LinkedIn profile & cover letter ● manage the stress of their environment ● search & find the right graduate program ● become a better leader ● understand accommodations & how to use them successfully ● improve writing skills ● pass the real estate license exam ● manage ADHD & other mental health issues ● provide skills training workshops for employees ● create & implement a plan for mental wellness during/after a crisis ● edit essays, papers, presentations, books ● navigate the complicated path to sobriety & recovery ● develop & strengthen leadership skills ● search for a qualified psychiatrist, psychologist, therapist, coach, tutor ● transition to a new school, workplace, or industry ● successfully pass the PA driver’s permit test as an adult on the autistic spectrum ● navigate relationship issues ● improve mental wellness ● find & thrive in a study abroad program ● develop a mentoring program ● improve emotional intelligence & communication skills

Clients generally come to see me for a very specific reason like those on the list above, and often they are in crisis and need to fix a problem quickly.

In the process of evaluating their situation and working with them, we discover that the holistic methodology I have developed, along with the strategies I utilize and the network of resources I have cultivated, empowers them to build the skills and confidence necessary to make even bigger changes in their lives.

Photo by Timothy Paule II on Pexels.com