Resident hound, client greeter, emotional support animal.
Employee of the month for 36+ consecutive months.

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Hello Friends! My name is Arthur and I am the Chief Executive Canine at Leahy Learning. For those of you who don’t know me yet, I can’t wait to meet you! A former rescue dog, I wandered into a shelter in Illinois and somehow wound up working here on the Main Line in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA.

When I’m not at work, I now spend my days snoozing and securing the perimeter of my sublime life. I often like to push the boundaries of that life by traveling to new and exciting places! I love airplane rides, beaches, squeaky toys, Starbucks’ puppicinos, ShakeShack Burgers (extra bacon, please), and long walks after even longer games of fetch.

I am also a mental wellness advocate and I am working on my first writing project — keep your eyes and ears open for more exciting news on that front. What makes a hound want to write a book? Well, I noticed that when clients come into our office, they are usually in crisis — overwhelmed, confused, and very often ashamed and feeling alone because they don’t have any information about how their brain or the mental health system works. I’d like to change that by giving people a book that explains all the things you need to know, across the wide span of issues people are struggling with — a mental health handbook, if you will.

But right now, I need to go greet a client. Follow me on Instagram or come on into the office to meet me. My motto is, “You can never get too much sleep, too many burgers or too many bellyrubs!” Until then, keep your tails up friends! Xo


I wouldn’t be Employee of the Month for 36 months running if I didn’t have some mad photo collage skills. I try to always maintain an attitude of gratitude! Since Meg adopted me in December of 2017, I have had so much to be thankful for and these photos include just a few of those things… Enjoy!