Meg Leahy plays a tremendous part in my success as a fitness instructor and coach. She helped me transition from a career of nine years in finance marketing on Wall Street to the Fitness and Wellness industry two years ago.

Meg tailored a program specifically designed for me, focusing on my goals of becoming a sought after fitness instructor. We worked on my resume, cover letters, and LinkedIn profile as well as interview prep. She provided me with real, practical career building strategies and useful resources.

The fitness industry was a brand new thing to me and Meg helped me “grab the bull by the horns” so to speak. She continues to give me the courage and the tools I need to get ahead. I have already referred many new clients to Leahy Learning and the one thing we all share in common is our success due to Meg’s dynamic expertise.

— Yael Gross, SoulCycle Instructor

That Leahy Learning was just a place to go for tutoring to pass the Real Estate Exam is an understatement. Meg coached me on how to study properly and provided strategies that targeted the specific content that I was not understanding.

Before I came to Leahy Learning, I avoided tests like the black plague. But after a few sessions, and finally figuring out what I was doing wrong, I learned to prioritize and organize my thoughts and my daily schedule. Meg coached me to calm myself down in stressful situations (like going to a test center more than three times).

She has also helped me with life skills, such as prioritizing my time and ways to improve myself in my career. I have never met someone who works with you to pass a test and also provides the skills you need to continue to thrive in the real world. Meg is a unique and valuable resource – working with her will literally change your life.

— Allison Heath, Real Estate Professional

Meg has demonstrated remarkable skill at leading and managing group presentations in the classroom with my students on the topic of leadership and emotional intelligence. In addition, she has demonstrated extraordinary skill as a mentor within our leadership fellowship program. I would highly recommend her to present or lead a group around these topics.

— Alecia Fox, Drexel University

As a soon to be graduate of Penn State University, I came to Meg looking for help with organizing my resume. Meg took the time to listen to my concerns, she made valuable suggestions that positively reflect my previous work experience, education and communication skills. Meg was patient in listening to what I needed help with. Meg is insightful–using her expertise to help enhance the language I used throughout my resume. I would recommend Meg to anyone looking for professional assistance with a resume as well as interview preparation. Meg was a delight to work with and I will continue to go to her for guidance in how to effectively edit my resume as well as other career support services.

— Zaidee Harrison, PSU

Finding a professional who can improve your academics and positively impact your self-confidence is rare. Discovering someone who also coaches and counsels you to become a contributing member of society is unheard of, unless you’re Meg Leahy. She truly models for her clients what they need to know in life, above and beyond classroom academics.

Meg has helped me succeed in high school, college, and through the job search process and career development. Meg’s expertise has helped me earn and accept my dream job, and with continued coaching, I have recently been promoted.

While my desire to teach came from my experience in kindergarten and my supportive teacher there, it was Meg who helped me realize my dream of teaching could become a reality. I had the privilege of working for Meg, learning from her first hand, and understanding what it takes to help a client or a student reach that “light-bulb” moment.

Meg continually coaches and mentors me to become my best self, in and out of the classroom and the workplace. I model her methodology when teaching and working with my students. I believe self-confidence is a key factor in the creation of a positive and nurturing learning environment. Meg has taught me that learning does not always come from textbooks, but also real life. I know I would be okay in this world without the help of Meg, but with her guidance, I’ve been given the tools and the confidence to be amazing.

Meg, thank you for coaching and mentoring me to be a ROCKSTAR! I could not have done it without you and I can’t begin to thank you. I can’t truly put in to words the admiration I have for you.

– Adrienne Ashton

Before Leahy Learning, I was lost in the college process and didn’t even know it. I came to Leahy Learning for a “final review” of my college essays, and ending up rewriting most of them. She knows the business well aside from editing essays; she helps organize and inspire people in addition to pushing them to work harder. Meg was more than my coach — she is kind and has a good sense of humor, well needed during cram sessions. Overall, I could not have asked for a better college essay/process coach. Not only am I proud of my essays and confident that they are my best work, but I also believe she improved my writing tactics. Honestly, I am happy to say that I will most likely hear her voice in the back of my head, guiding me through the rest of my writing career, helping me to continue to challenge myself. 

— Emily Schantz, Academy of Notre Dame

There are some professionals who just “get it”, and Meg is certainly one of them. Over the years, we have worked together on behalf of students, and I have marveled at how Meg can restore a student’s faith in his or her abilities.  She is a motivator, a counselor, a cheerleader, and when necessary, a “tell it like it is” educator. Meg takes the time to learn the approach that works best with each student, rather than asking them to conform to her style.  She invests the full measure of her effort and asks the kids to do the same.   Once they form a partnership, the sky’s the limit.

— Mary Lee FitzPatrick,  Learning Specialist

I cannot say enough about Meg Leahy and the incredible work she has done with me during my job application and interview process. After years of working in middle management I reached out to Meg for assistance on how to get a step ahead. Meg gave me invaluable tools for interview preparation, and the knowledge and confidence when it came time for salary negotiations. Meg’s positive and encouraging approach turned a commonly stressful process into an insightful learning experience that helped me land my dream job and salary. I undoubtedly would recommend Leahy Learning for students of life at any age!

— Maggie R., Miami, FL

As an ADHD serial procrastinator, getting into college and then into the real world with real jobs was not going to be an easy task. Due to Meg Leahy however, that all actually happened! I have a great job that I enjoy and the future’s so bright I gotta wear shades. Thanks Meg!

— Ben Stein, Brandeis University

My husband and I wanted to get a jump start for my daughter’s future standardized testing. I never dreamed the real benefit that she would receive from Leahy Learning! Meg’s holistic approach optimizes each individual’s accomplishments. She helps the student and parent with their transition to college without the stress.

— An Academy of Notre Dame Parent

Meg is unbelievable! As a parent sending her first child to college, preparing for the SAT and ACT in addition to timely completion of the college application process was daunting. Not only did she devise a plan and supply math tutoring, her style of engaging my daughter was phenomenal. I wish I had learned about Leahy Learning early on in my child’s schooling. Her test scores and confidence improved immensely. Meg’s expertise and insight about the college application process was invaluable. I have not only referred friends and colleagues to Leahy Learning, I have acquired her services for my younger son. Authenticity, integrity, commitment, and caring are all exemplary attributes that Meg embodies. She is a dynamic person and professional!

— A Springfield High School Parent 

I would not be where I am today without the help of Meg and Leahy Learning! Working with Meg from my freshman year of high school through college, I have developed my skills beyond what I could ever have imagined. I am very comfortable and relaxed doing my work and do not feel the need to erase entire papers and start all over again! You are the best Meg!

— Amanda Davis, Boston College

Meg instills the confidence necessary to succeed in a competitive academic environment. She has the unique ability to identify the learning style of each individual student and work with them to achieve academic success.

— A Malvern Prep Parent

Meg Leahy is magic — she brings joy and deep caring to her work, and inspires her clients to care as much as she does. Somehow, she manages to make it fun.

Meg is also an amazing resource for advice, recommendations, and general insight into learning and study skills. We (and our daughter) are terrifically grateful that Leahy Learning has been there for us all. Thank you!

— Dan and Sally Gordon

Meg and her team were very instrumental with my son’s success with taking the ACTs and with his college admissions. After completing tutoring sessions with the Leahy Learning team my son went into the ACT exam with a feeling of confidence!  As other parents have mentioned, I too wished that I had known about Meg before Terence’s senior year as I would have engaged her to further enhance his academic performance.  Her knowledge of the challenges of ADHD and how that translates during the college application process proved to be invaluable.  Thanks to Meg’s support in developing my son’s executive function skills, he has excelled in college and has not required assistance from his school’s support services department.  Thanks Meg and keep up the good work.

— A Springside Chestnut Hill Academy Parent

Meg and Leahy Learning have helped me become the student I am today. With their loving support, from always being there (even when you’re abroad!) to the endless hours they have worked with me, I am now more organized, a better writer, and I went from a C student to a B+/A- student. Whoever knew I would receive Dean’s List my sophomore year of college…not me. I would not be where I am or who I am without them. I am forever grateful for them and I still continue to work with them because I have learned through Leahy Learning that “the learning never stops!” I have made a connection with Leahy Learning that no one can ever take away.

Stephanie Bellisario, High Point University

Meg Leahy changes lives, in ways that are sculpted to each individual. She has helped improve not only my academic career, but also my professional career. I started at Leahy Learning when I entered my sophomore year at the Academy of Notre Dame. I was a very timid, anxious student who lacked confidence. Meg helped shape me into the student I am today. Leahy Learning is an extremely positive, nurturing, and relaxing learning environment where I felt I could confidently succeed. I recently graduated from Loyola University Maryland with honors and a consecutive Deans List recipient. Meg has been a wonderful mentor through my time at Leahy Learning and has helped me conquer the interview process and the real world! I would not have been able to achieve these accomplishments without Meg. I can’t begin to thank you enough Megs, you are the best! 

– Loyola University Student

I refer clients frequently to Leahy Learning. Meg’s style easily and quickly develops a trusting relationship with each of her students. Families see that trusting relationship yields results. Meg’s ability to help each client with solution based strategies is a lifelong gift for success anywhere in the world. 

— Dr. Carol Just, OTR/L

Leahy Learning has changed my life. With the help of Meg and her Leahy Learning method, I was able to excel as a student. Meg showed me how to view my ADHD in a positive way, and helped me learn alternative strategies to cope with my disability. She taught me how to stay organized in my work and techniques to stay calm in stressful situations. While Meg coached me through tough high school papers and the dreaded SATs, she was more than just a tutor. Meg Leahy is an incredible person and mentor. She is someone that teaches more than academics, she is a life coach. She is truly remarkable. So proud to watch all of her success!

— Katie Blumenthal, Gettysburg College

We were first referred to Meg when my daughter, Katie, was in middle school. Who would have ever thought that 10 years later we still see Meg and consider her a good friend?  Meg was there to guide, teach and counsel – from organizational skills to mastering vocabulary – Meg was there to support both of my children through high school and then help them get into college. My son, Alex, also worked with Meg – from practice tests for the ACTs to the dreaded college essays – Meg and her team worked endlessly to prepare him for college. Meg became a confidant to the kids while keeping me sane during the crazy college process. I don’t know how we would have ever survived without you Meg! So happy for all of your many accomplishments and I always look forward to our nights out. 

— A mother of two children who attended Episcopal Academy, Notre Dame Academy and Gettysburg College

My daughter worked with Meg during her junior and senior years of high school for SAT test preparation. Meg’s background made her an excellent match for my daughter who has auditory processing disorder. Meg’s commitment, caring and positive reinforcement throughout the tutoring process made all the difference for my daughter. Meg was not only her tutor, but her “life coach” as she navigated her through the college search, application process, as well as her college essay. Meg’s guidance and insights were invaluable. My son, who is a junior, is now working with Meg and is enjoying his one-on-one time, as well as vocab group. I am confident that my son will be as successful as my daughter, thanks to Meg’s personal attention.

— An Academy of Notre Dame & Cardinal O’Hara Parent

I don’t know where we would be right now if it was not for Leahy Learning! Meg has been the best thing that that has happened to our son’s education. She has a tremendous way of connecting to her students. She is able to draw out of them their very best and is able to instill in them the confidence that they need to succeed. Our son is gifted /LD and has been with Meg since the sixth grade. He is now a freshman in high school and doing very well. Meg has become a mentor for him and someone that he is very comfortable going to with problems. Meg and her staff have always been available if our son need extra attention either with a difficult project, a stumbling block in math or help with final exams. I would highly recommend Leahy Learning – they are the best around.

— A Haverford High School Parent

Meg is one of a kind. Her passion for education is inspiring. She not only helped me become a better student but also helped me mature into a confident, well rounded individual. Without her help I do not think I would be where I am today. Meg wants the best for her students and her true passion lies in helping others succeed. Thanks for everything you have helped me with over the years Meg! You are the best.

— Alex Penza, Villanova University

Meg Leahy is an amazing reading/language specialist. She has done a great job not only with my son but also with the children that I have recommended to her. As the director of a Parenting Group I am constantly asked for references and I am always referring children to Meg. Every parent that I have sent to Meg has been extremely satisfied with their child’s results. She is conscientious and committed to each child that she works with. She treats them each as an individual by defining their needs and working out a program that addresses those needs. When no one would take on the challenge of my son’s dyslexia, Meg was willing, confident, and experienced enough to pinpoint the areas that were most lacking and developed a specific program for him. He is doing well and I credit Meg for all of his progress going forward. To sum it up, Meg is one of my favorite people in the world!

— Diane Reott

Our son was struggling mightily, early in his Junior year of high school. Testing revealed reading difficulties and a minor case of ADHD. He was not a happy camper. Meg thoroughly reviewed his test results and quickly implemented a plan of action. Our son was soon feeling much better about himself and doing much better in school. He looked forward to his weekly sessions with Meg and continues to visit when he has a chance. He’ll graduate in about a month with honors and is attending a highly competitive private liberal arts college — none of which would have been possible without Meg’s help.

— A Haverford School Parent

Lisa and I would like to express how much your help has meant to Ben’s post-high school plans. Pulling the right colleges out of the hat is no easy feat these days, with the marketing that they all push making it hard to distinguish the few among the many. But more importantly, your constant optimism and enthusiasm is contagious, and kept Ben pushing ahead, away from feeling all of the highs and lows that come with the process on a weekly basis. Ben’s understanding of the nuances of the process was critical in making his choices, which we are very comfortable with and in full support of. Your compassionate guidance helped him to know that these are his decisions and that he can strike out confidently on his new pathways! The bonds you have forged with our family make us so very happy to have found you at this critical time in Ben’s (and our own!) life.

Lisa Popowich and Jon Stein

Adrienne has most importantly gained confidence with Leahy Learning and has become very independent in her studies. She is happy to go each visit and learns in a relaxed and fun atmosphere and feels reassured when she is finished with her session. She has made some great friends too!

— Lise Ashton

Meg was a great help to Jon with increasing his SAT scores. He really enjoyed working with her.

— Cindy O’Hara

As you know, we have been very pleased with the success our daughter has achieved. You have been instrumental in teaching her organizational skills, breaking her work into manageable pieces that she can handle, providing vocabulary group sessions, incredible math and science support. You offer a wealth of knowledge for students to help themselves become the best that they can be once they put their mind to it. All of this is done in a non-threatening environment in which our daughter has become more confident in herself academically. Leahy Learning has been an extremely positive experience for our girl.

— An Academy of Notre Dame Parent

There are not enough words to thank Meg and Leahy Learning for all their support. Meg has instilled in me a sense of confidence I never thought I would be able to achieve. She has always been the one to believe in me, even when I did not!  She is the only person I know who can make all the negative thoughts disappear and replace them with positive energy. Without Meg, I would not be the student or person I am today. I would not be here at Dickinson College as an American Studies major succeeding in ways I never knew were possible! You have changed my life and for that I am grateful. Your incredible knowledge and dedication to me as not just a student but also a person is irreplaceable. I am beyond thankful to be able to call you both a teacher and a mentor. Thank you for everything Meg, you are truly unbelievable!

– Cait Farrell, Dickinson College

I am a 46 year old mother and never finished college. I have always put work before finishing my education. I had shared my dream of being a child psychologist with Meg and she was both supportive AND encouraging. Last year I sent a simple text to Meg that would change my life. I told her that I was starting a personal shopping business. Meg’s reply was “what about your dream of being a child psychologist?” Meg’s question stopped me in my tracks! With her support and encouragement I am now a college sophomore!

— Natalie K., Winston-Salem, NC