Operation Letter of The Day: G

The letter of the day is G

Hello and happy Thursday, now officially G day. Are you excited? Let’s get started. G is for…

GIVE UP! I bet you weren’t expecting that right off the bat, were you? I’m not talking about quitting, I’m suggesting you GIVE UP any preconceived ideas you had about what you should or could be doing during this time. It’s part of good self-care. This pandemic is unlike anything that has occurred in our lifetime. I don’t like calling it “the new normal” because it implies that it’s going to be like this forever – and it’s not.

Last night, one of my readers told me she appreciated my explanation of the way the letter G can make two different sounds because she’s been trying to explain the concept to her son who is learning to read. I shared with her one of the most important lessons for struggling readers: sometimes words don’t play fair!

Yes, there are rules, but not all of the letters and words follow them all of the time. In order to move forward and accept how the overall process of reading works, you need to GIVE UP the idea that everything will always follow the rules or “play fair”. Right now, life isn’t playing fair with us and we need to be patient with ourselves and do the best we can every day. If it means going for a long walk and eating even one vegetable during the day today, then celebrate doing those two things, congratulate yourself, and get some good rest. GIVE UP criticizing yourself and start celebrating your successes!

“What’ll we do with ourselves this afternoon?” cried Daisy, “and the day after that, and the next thirty years?”

― F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

GIRAFFES. Did you know that GIRAFFES would have a hard time with social distancing too? GIRAFFES are very social animals who roam around in groups. The groups are called towers and are usually made up of about 15 GIRAFFES led by an adult male. The other members of the group are females and young males. This National Geographic Kids Website is a great resource full of amazing facts about life on the planet earth.

GRATITUDE is kind of an obvious one and for that very reason, I think it’s worth discussing. We’ve all heard an “attitude of gratitude” leads to being generally happier, having more empathy for others, higher self-worth, mental wellness, and increased immunity – things we all need right now. But how do we actively cultivate gratitude and teach children to practice it as well? Some people like to keep a gratitude journal, or a gratitude board. I have one client who sends what she calls “Happy Mail” – cards she mails to people who make her world a better place.

A friend in San Francisco introduced me to my favorite way to practice gratitude in the moment, requiring nothing but your brain. He mentally makes a list of the things he’s thankful for whenever he becomes frustrated. It helps calm in down, especially in traffic. There’s no traffic to get stuck in right now, but as GLENNON DOYLE says in this very real quarantine video, “it’s getting chippy” even in the living room these days, and this is a good strategy to practice in those moments. When you feel anxious or overwhelmed, lose patience, or want to respond to a situation with anger, stop, take a deep breath and think of at least five things you are thankful for – six if you count me sharing this idea with you!

“We have no hockey. But we have each other.”

― Gritty, Philadelphia Flyers mascot

GOLF. This one is for the golfers missing the Masters Tournament. This compilation of the greatest shots and moments in Masters History is something to be GRATEFUL for and also fun to watch with anyone you might be like to have join you on the course. And for the non-golfing parent, share these five golf games for kids with your favorite golfer and send them off to try them with the kids, leaving you with some well-deserved alone time.

THE GODFATHER COLLECTION is a classic, both in print and on screen. Did you know that the famous line, “Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.” isn’t in the novel? It was improvised by the actor Richard Castellano. Makes you wonder what genius we will create while improvising in the coming weeks. If you have a quarantine buddy who hasn’t seen the films yet, pop some popcorn and let the debate of which movie is the best begin. You can also use these websites and apps that let you chat and text while watching with friends anywhere in the world.

GLORIA GAYNOR. Lots of people are telling us to wash our hands, but Gloria Gaynor does it with the saucy sassy strength that we all need right now in her new TikTok video. And for anyone who needs a spontaneous dance party, here’s a link to her original video of I Will Survive from 1978.

For day one, I think this is a pretty GREAT start. Let me know what you’d like to see more or less of in the next 25 posts. Also, the first person who can correctly guess the letter of the day tomorrow has a prize in store for them. Now aren’t you glad you read this far? Take good care! Xo

Published by Meg Leahy, MS, NCC, BCC

An award-winning educator, author, and counselor with certifications in life, leadership, and career coaching, Meg believes in providing the skills, understanding, and resources to help people change their lives. Named a "Woman of Note" by the New York Times, and Best of Philly by Philadelphia Magazine, she also writes about ADHD, mental health and wellness, is the co-author of peer-reviewed textbooks on ADHD, and is the ¡Live Mas! In-House Life Coach at Taco Bell Quarterly.

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