Midtown Men Perform at West Catholic

Did you see Jersey Boys? Do you wish you had? Would you like to see the original cast perform  in Philadelphia? Well, you are in luck. On Saturday, November 4th, you can be part of a private show, enjoy a delicious dinner prepared by Georges Perrier, and meet special guests Joe Piscipo and Big Daddy Graham. And it is all for a good cause.

As many of you know, I am a little nuts about “the learning”, as I like to call it. But there is one man who might rival my nuttiness in his love for education. That man is Mike Marone. A good friend and respected colleague, Mike and I met in graduate school, while studying counseling at Villanova University. Since then, we have had the opportunity to work together on a number of projects and serve on various committees and boards. Mike is the currently the Director of Ministry at West Catholic High School in Philadelphia, PA.

West Catholic has been struggling to raise money for their extracurricular enrichment programs. That’s where Mike comes in. As the Philadelphia Inquirer explains, “It is with the altruism of Robin Hood and the demeanor of a more strapping Friar Tuck that Marone, a former football player for St. John Neumann High School in South Philadelphia, approaches fund-raising for West Catholic.” He’s put together a great show on November 4th. Everybody from Leahy Learning will be there. Call 215-386-2244 ext. 232 for tickets. They are selling out fast.


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