Leahy Learning College Coaching Program

Students and parents asked for it! Over the last five years, I have met with students and parents who have told me:

“If I knew I had to check in with you, I would have gone to class.”

“Meghan, if she could have called you for help, she would have gotten her assignments in on time.”

“If I had just been able to call you and break the work down into smaller chunks over the semester, I would have done better.”

So…with advances in technology and a summer of planning, I have developed the Leahy Learning College Coaching Program. For many students an hour phone session was too much, but they still needed some support while in college. After much research and discussion with students, parents and other professionals, I believe I have developed a workable program that will help all of our college students find success.

The deal:

  • Two (2) twenty (20) minute sessions per week. These sessions are to be utilized for planning, discussion of study strategies and a general check in regarding progress. They may be either phone or video sessions, per the student’s request.
  • Unlimited* access to Meghan via email and text messages.
  • Monthly parental updates on progress.

* Within reason, of course. If you text me at 4am about a paper due for your 8.30am class, there is not much I can do, except tell you to say your prayers.

As always, regular phone/video tutoring sessions are still available to students who need additional help with writing, editing, organization or counseling.

Please contact Meghan for more details or if you have any questions.
484.222.0272 or leahylearning@gmail.com

Published by leahylearning

An accomplished educational innovator, my professional services span education, counseling, learning disabilities, coaching, mentoring, ADHD, and Autistic Spectrum Disorders. I specialize in problem-solving and success strategies, focusing on the impact of learning processes on people throughout the lifespan: from childhood through professional career development. I consult and train internationally to academic and corporate audiences on topics in education and mental health. In 2014 I co-authored a peer-reviewed medical textbook on ADHD. I am active in multiple educational, charitable, and volunteer organizations, and I am always interested in discussing new corporate and academic partnership opportunities.

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